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"I'm so glad I took this course!  So many times I've had this feeling and didn't know what it was.  Thank you!" Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

"Really interesting and helpful stuff." Laney, Minnesota

Compassion Fatigue

  • 2 0nline Continuing Education Hours for Massage Therapists
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Course Description

The very nature of being a massage therapist opens one up to being a victim of compassion fatigue.  Compassion fatigue is a nurturers disorder.  It has often been compared to burnout, but the primary difference is, with Compassion Fatigue, the trauma doesn't happen to you; instead, you absorb the symptoms and effects from the person for whom you are caring.

In this 2 Hour Online Course you will gain a deeper understanding of what compassion fatigue is; recognize the signs and symptoms of it, and learn strategies for preventing and even over-coming Compassion Fatigue.

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