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Our Mission

The CE Classroom Mission

  • Provide students with peace of mind throughout their continuing education journey

  • provide a platform for teachers and students to come together and share knowledge

  • provide courses that represent the 3 pillars of continuing education


Awesome Courses: Our courses are designed by a team of course creators and experts in your field.  The passion and effort put into each course radiates throughout the material.  All of our courses are enjoyable, informative and actionable!


Affordable Courses: Our individual courses are a Great Deal.  Our CE Packages are an Amazing Deal.  Our Low Price Guarantee is Unbeatable!


Approved Courses:  Our courses are carefully crafted to meet organization and state requirements.  When you take one of our courses, you can rest assured, it is approved to meet your continuing education needs!

"The CE Classroom concept was developed from my desire to provide a caring and helpful continuing education experience.  My continual goal is to make the courses offered at The CE Classroom Awesome, Affordable & Approved!  I want you to feel welcome here.  I want you to feel good about completing your CE Requirements.  I want you to feel and experience a state of "Ease" when you choose to complete your CE Requirements with us.  You take care of your clients.  Let us take care of you."  Michael Ames, The CE Classroom