Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2HRS)


Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2HRS)


2 0nline Continuing Education Hours for Massage Therapists

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can often be applied to any pain that is in the wrist and hand area.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is actually a very specific nerve entrapment pain in a very specific area.

In this 2 hour online class for massage therapists we will gain a more detailed understanding of what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is.  You will also learn about common mainstream strategies for prevention and treatment.

Most of your massage clients who present with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have already entered the mainstream medical system and have most likely already had surgery, about to undergo surgery or have done some form of medical treatments and physical therapy.  It is important for you, as a member of the client's medical team, to have a thorough understanding of all the aspects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatments and preventions..

This is not a technique course.

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