Research Fundamentals (4HRS)


Research Fundamentals (4HRS)


4 Online Continuing Education Hours for Massage Therapists

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Research is an integral part of our every day lives.  We run into things we don't understand all the time.  Our desire to find the answers is what fuels our research.  There are many types of research and many specific ways to make sure your research is thorough and valid.  This course discusses several fundamental aspects of research and how using more in-depth methods than a quick "google" search can help with all aspects of your massage therapy practice.

The goal with this course was not just to provide you with the facts about the scientific research process, but to relate the process of research to your every day use in your massage practice.  From advertising to writing case studies and interacting with other medical professionals, research can vastly improve the quality of your career. 

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"Expected total monotony but pleasantly surprised.  A good Refresher.  Ready to Research." Lara Kentucky

"This was an excellent intro to research!  Thank you!" Jodi, Arizona