Breaking Into Sports Massage (4HRS)


Breaking Into Sports Massage (4HRS)


4 Online Continuing Education Hours for Massage Therapists

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Throughout my career I have had the good fortune to work with athletes of all levels.
Amateur to Elite / Professional level athletes and performers.
Amateur to Elite / Professional level teams and organizations.

I have had many wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow from my time working with athletes.

I have been asked over and over again what the "secret" is to working with professional teams.  I have been asked what's it like in the "locker room".  I have been asked if there are limitations for women in Sports Massage.

I decided to put this course together to act as a guide and inspiration to those who wish to get involved with sports massage.  You will find in this material techniques that I have found athletes and teams want their therapist to have, guidelines for contacting teams, guidelines for cover letters,resumes and references as well as a synopsis of what led to my success in sports massage.  My name is Michael Ames and I am the instructor for this course.  You can read more about my experiences in my bio under the "About" page on this website.

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"Loved the course.  I work a great deal with athletes and found this information very useful.  Thank you." Pj, Missouri

"Great course!  I feel like working with athletes is just around the corner. Thank you! Dave, Florida