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Online Courses

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Look through our Awesome Online Courses and choose the ones you want to take.

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Once you register for your online CE courses, you'll receive an email with your password and Access Instructions.

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Your quiz is automatically graded and we email you a certificate of completion.

Analysis of Shoulder Complex Mechanics  (4HR) - $39

Analysis of Shoulder Complex Mechanics

(4HR) - $39

Breaking Into Sports Massage  (4HR) - $39

Breaking Into Sports Massage

(4HR) - $39

Communicable Diseases Including HIV  (4HR) - #39   

Communicable Diseases Including HIV

(4HR) - #39


Compassion Fatigue    (2HR) - #19.75

Compassion Fatigue

(2HR) - #19.75

Diversity & Cultural Competency  (1HR) - $9.75

Diversity & Cultural Competency

(1HR) - $9.75

Emotional Self Care  (2HR) - $19.50

Emotional Self Care

(2HR) - $19.50

Ethics  (2HR) - $19.50


(2HR) - $19.50

Ethics Including Roles & Boundaries  (4HR) - $39

Ethics Including Roles & Boundaries

(4HR) - $39

Florida Laws & Rules  (2HR) - $19.50

Florida Laws & Rules

(2HR) - $19.50

Prevention of Medical Errors  (2HR) - $19.50

Prevention of Medical Errors

(2HR) - $19.50

Research Fundamentals  (4HR) - $39   

Research Fundamentals

(4HR) - $39


 Understanding Carpal Tunnel  (2HR) - $19.50

 Understanding Carpal Tunnel

(2HR) - $19.50

Understanding Sciatica  (2HR) - $19.50

Understanding Sciatica

(2HR) - $19.50


Common Questions About Online CE Courses

+ What format are the courses presented in?

The course material is in the form of a .pdf file that you can download or view directly on your computer.

+ What are the quizzes like?

You will find the quiz questions in the course material so you can prepare for the online quiz.

  • Most quizzes are made up of 15 questions.
  • We firmly believe in not using trick questions.
  • You will find the questiosn to be straigthforward and based solely on the course content.

+ Where do I find the course material and quiz?

The course material and quizzes are available on the Access Courses page. You will receive a password to access your courses when you complete your purchase.

+ When do I receive a certificate of completion?

Once you pass the quiz, your certificate of completion will be emailed to you within 24 hours; most with 1-2 hours Monday through Saturday, 10am-6pm. For Florida and Georgia massage therapists, completions are uploaded to every morning.

+ Are you interested in a specific subject or course that we currently do not offer?

Use our Contact Page to let us know your course suggestion and we will try to get the course developed if there’s enough interest. We are always expanding our library of high quality CE Courses so you can meet your continuing education requirements as well as expand your knowledge and understanding of the body.